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Leslie Sloan - Between the Whiskey and the Wine Leslie Sloan
13 original tunes from Miss Leslie - heartfelt songs of love and heartache framed in barrooms.
Jody Nix - Bright Lights & Country Music Jody Nix
A true Traditional Country Music and Western Swing artist, he has been in the business 50 years.
Jake Hooker - Faded Lights Jake Hooker
Jake's love for traditional country music never ceases. He feels it is necessary to relay that love to the fans who are so dedicated.
Justin Trevino - Befor You Say Amen Justin Trevino
Justin is one of the most important individuals in the preservation and promotion of traditional Country Music.
Amber Digby - Another Way To Live Amber Digby
Amber s truly one of the brightest new stars in country music and has established herself a place among the best.

Bobby Flores - Eleven Roses Bobby Flores
He's a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, arranger, producer, composer, session musician and TruCountry's fiddle virtuoso.