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Jett Williams


Jett Williams
Old Cold Country
Hank Williams Blues
Move It On Over
Monday All Week long
Heart Of Dixie
My Sweet Love

Day of Reckoning
Eight Roses
Delta Dawn
Long Gone Lonesome Blues
Your Cheatin Heart

Jett Williams, daughter of the legendary Hank Williams, was born in Montgomery, Alabama, five days after her father died on his way to Canton, Ohio, where he was to perform on New Year's Day, 1953. Relinquished by her natural mother, Bobbie Jett of Nashville, the infant was taken from the hospital where she was born into the home of Hank's mother, Lillian, who adopted her. Lillian, who started her lengthy adoption process within days of Hank's funeral, completed the adoption in December of 1954. Unfortunately, she was dead within two months and the Williams family no longer wanted the infant, whom Lillian had named Cathy Yvonne (for the "Yvonne" in "Jambalaya"). The Williams family made Jett a ward of the State of Alabama and she was relocated to a foster home in Pine Level, Alabama, at the age of three. Subsequently adopted again by a family in Mobile, Alabama, Jett was raised there and attended the University of Alabama.

During her youth, Jett had no idea who her natural parents were, let alone that her daddy was Hank Williams, but from a very young age she demonstrated an unusual and natural talent for music, singing, and her guitar. In the early 1980's, at the urging of her adoptive father and armed with a few facts and a little rumor, Jett set out to learn what she could about who she was and what had happened to her. After years of futile effort, fortune smiled and Jett got proof-positive that Hank Williams was her father. Not only was he her father, he had made all provisions for her and her well being. In fact, three months before Jett was born, Hank had prepared and executed a notarized pre-birth custody agreement giving him full custody of his as yet unborn daughter. The rest is history, and is documented in the files of the Alabama State Court and in the scores of newspaper and feature magazine articles written about Jett and her saga.

Jett Williams was declared by court order dated October 26, 1987, to be the biological daughter of Hank Williams. Her autobiography, entitled "Ain't Nothin' as Sweet as My Baby," chronicles the saga of her struggle (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1990).

Jett always had a guitar. And according to her peers in later years, she was always the hit of the party by singing and playing. Jett says she liked to sing until she made them cry. And she still does!

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Jett Williams

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